Testing and deployment

In the process of building and releasing an app, testing and deployment are closely related actions. Test mode, deployment, maintenance, and current version are accessible via the top bar.

Test mode

To initiate testing, access the test mode by clicking the TEST button in the top right corner. In this mode, you can assess the user interface and observe backend actions, including input, output, and extensions of functions. Exit the test mode by clicking the STOP button.


Heisenware supports one-click deployment for quick release cycles. To deploy a first or an updated version of an app, click DEPLOY in the upper right corner.


Each deployment generates a new version of the app, visible in the version number box in the top bar, left of the TEST button. Standard plans allow for only one version at a time, while the enterprise plan enables multi-version deployment.

App update

When users open the app after a new version is deployed, they automatically receive a popup informing them about the new version. Clicking RELOAD NOW updates the app for them. Users cannot use the former version, ensuring that all users are on the newest version.

Deployment strategy

In software development, thorough testing at every step is crucial, while deploying the app should be well-planned and infrequent. For low-code development with Heisenware, things are a bit different. Testing is still crucial and should be done regularly. Deploying, however, is super easy with one-click deployment.

Users just need to refresh to get the updated app, causing minimal disruption. It makes sense to group non-urgent changes and deploy once, instead of after each minor adjustment. For urgent changes, short deployment cycles might be better.

Regardless of the frequency, testing everything rigorously before deployment is a must. This ensures a smooth and bug-free experience for users.


There may be instances when it becomes necessary to halt an app for maintenance or other reasons.

Stopping app

To stop an app:

  1. Click the arrow icon next to the version number.

  2. Select Stop App.

Starting app

To restart the app:

  1. Click the arrow icon next to the version number.

  2. Select Start App.

App status

The app's status is accessible through the arrow next to the version number and is represented by a status lamp (green, red, gray) in the top corner of the version number box. The status can be one of the following:

  • Running: Available to all users.

  • Exited: Occurs after stopping an app.

  • Unavailable: Try restarting to make it running again.

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