Screens & devices

When using the App Builder to generate PWAs (Progressive Web Apps), the resulting apps are inherently responsive. They seamlessly operate across all devices, spanning smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs, and laptops, dynamically adapting their UI to each device's screen size.

Device preview

While the smartphone screen serves as the default view, the App Builder empowers you to create UIs tailored for all screen sizes. To toggle between device previews, utilize the device icons located in the top bar. The rotation icon facilitates the preview and construction of UIs for rotated smartphone and tablet screens.


The UI for each device, including rotated versions, is fully customizable. Widget positions and sizes can be tailored individually for each screen. Configuring each device is optional, so you have the flexibility to design exclusively for the smartphone. In such cases, widgets automatically center on other screens. Nonetheless, we recommend a brief check of previews for other devices to rectify any potential UI errors.

Some laptops, particularly those with 13-inch screens or smaller, may display apps in rotated tablet mode.


When creating UIs with the UI editor, you can zoom in and out using the zoom bar in the top bar.

Screen height

Increasing the screen height allows a page to hold more content and enables scrolling. You can customize the height independently for each device and every page within your app. Refer to the pages section to understand how to configure the height according to your specific preferences.

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