🚧Roles and members (WIP)


Workspaces can have two types of members:

  • Admins (also refereed to as Workspace Owner)

  • Regular members (also referred to as members)


Admins can invite and delete members, as well as edit their roles. Moreover, admins can grant and revoke members access to the App Builder to build apps.

Only admins can create new apps.


Members can manage and build apps. To do so, they need to have building access to the app.

Member management

To manage members, click on Members in the left sidebar. You will see a table displaying all Workspace members, their roles, and access.


Invite a member

  1. Click on Add Member.

  2. Enter the email address of the new member you want to invite and assign a role (admin or member).

  3. Click on Invite.

  4. The new member will receive an email invitation and will appear in the members table.

Delete a member

  1. Click on the Delete icon in the manage column next to the member you want to remove.

  2. In the popup, click on Confirm to confirm the deletion of the member.

Deleted members will lose access to the Workspace and App Builder. However, they might still be able to use apps.

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