Overview (WIP)

Understand what a Workspace is and get to know its main elements.

The workspaces will replace the current admin tool. They are currently under development and are not yet public. Our aim is to publish the workspaces by Q2/2024.

In Heisenware, all activities are carried out within a Workspace. The Workspace serves as your organizations' hub to organize apps and members.

To access a Workspace, you need to use your organization's custom URL (typically organization.heisenware.cloud) along with a username and a password.

A Workspace consists of three main elements:

  1. Left sidebar: provides access to all submenus.

  2. Top bar: displays user information and includes a logout button.

  3. Main content: displays the main content of each submenu

A Workspace is managed by one or more Workspace admins that have permission to change Workspace settings, manage members and App Builder access.

If your organization already has a Workspace, a Workspace admin can invite you.

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