Capturing data

The App Builder provides a diverse range of input widgets designed to gather data from app users. This collected input can be subsequently processed and/or stored in the backend. Input widgets are closely aligned with function input, as they commonly transmit captured data and other properties to a linked function.

Input widgets

The following input widgets are available:

Pass input to backend

Captured input data in the frontend must be passed to one or more functions in the backend for processing or storage. To enable this data transfer, an input widget must be linked with the input box of a function. It's important to note that input widgets have the flexibility to be linked with multiple functions simultaneously.

To link an input widget with an input box:

  1. Select an input widget in the UI editor.

  2. Drag and drop the input box of a function onto the selected widget.

When the link is established, the input box indicates it with stating the property to be passed. For example, this can be formData.

Click the x next to the text to unlink an input widget from an input box.


Most input widgets only offer a main data property. However, some input widgets can pass additional data properties or behavior properties to the backend. To change the property to be passed to the backend:

  1. Link widget and function as explained above.

  2. Click on the property in the linked input box to open a list of available properties.

  3. Select the desired property from the list.

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